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Lynton & Pi Davidson

When Lynton and Pi left their digital pasts after years in the media industry, they turned towards a more analogue way of life, spending time outdoors in the wild, making things with their hands, preserving and cooking with wild plants, embracing slow and simple wherever they could find it. Recalibrating. They redesigned their lives, putting family, health and time at the centre, utilising skills and rekindling neglected interests with new purpose. They needed a space that they could travel with, that would function as a studio to allow them to work, that they could use to hold events or workshops and that they could stay in for short periods. Inspired by the tiny house movement and its vision for simpler, debt-free, time-rich lives, they began designing and building with Daniel from Woonpioneers and Gijsbert from Liberté Tiny Houses. In April 2018 the build was complete and it made its way from the Netherlands to the Isle of Jura on Scotland’s west coast. Lynton and Pi are using their own journey, always a work in progress, to create simple spaces on Jura for people to learn and share, reconnect and recalibrate. They are always interested in meeting and collaborating with people and can be reached at


Marnix and Kevin are enthusiastic filmmakers with a passion for real and personal stories. They know how to translate this beautifully into image and sound. Kevin is the owner of the company KLCK. Marnix is part of the passionate team and inspires people with his blog Along The Way.

Liberté TinyHouses

A Tiny House is first of all made of dreams. Dreams that started somewhere a long time ago. Dreams that took shape, changed in colour and taste and matured over the years. Like a good whisky. Creating a tiny house is not your average building project. It's a very intense and emotional process because the 'thing' that is taking shape in your workshop is someone's life. Working on the tiny house for Pi and Lynton was special in every way. Because of the demands, the challenging design and the distance, but most of all the vision they had for this house. It took courage and belief to have something so personal built so far away. Before the building started, we met on Jura and over a glass of the local single malt we looked each other in the eye and we saw that we would pull this off. This is a story of beauty and wilderness. The sheer beauty and wilderness of the Isle of Jura. The beauty and the wild design of the tiny house. The wild and beautiful journey from Holland to Scotland. And finally the wild and raw but oh so beautiful emotions that we all felt when the tiny house was finally home.


Behind every design there is a very personal story. In our work we need to understand the story before we start sketching. There was a real challenge here in making sure we were on the same page because of the distance. But in all communication there was a real sense of connection that carried us through. Because the process took a long time no decisions were made in haste. In close collaboration with the building team, Liberté Tiny Houses, and with Pi & Lynton on Jura, we were able to create something really special that had only existed as an idea or dream in their heads before.